Review- Tuffy’s Tough Dog Toy Line
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Review- Tuffy’s Tough Dog Toy Line

Posted by Matthew Ruggiero on

Engineer Review- Tuffy's Mega Bone, Giraffe, Gear Tough Dog Toys

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  • Very durable construction, heavy duty stitching around length of toy

  • Mesh fabric on main body, teeth do not seem to penetrate it

  • Pre-determined “Tuffness” scale for easy product identification/expectation

  • Toy is tested on TIGERS!

  • Squeakers safe in a “squeaker pocket”

  • Dog seems to enjoy playing fetch with toy

  • Dog enjoys playing tug of war with toy

  • Company offers a range of toys for small to large dogs

  • Colorful, fun designs

  • Floats in water, machine washable

  • Plush, soft on guns and no sharp edges or plastic

  • 15 days in, no stuffing removed, toy not breached

  • 25 days in, no stuffing removed, toy not breached, stitching becoming frayed. Testing over.

  • Dog working on “stitching joint” and was able to loosen stitching after 5 days

  • Loud squeakers

  • Higher cost than Pet Smart plush toys (average $20, large toys $30 or $40)

  • Some toys have hard to squeak squeakers, since they are padded

  • Animal shaped toys have ears, tusks, eyes, etc...places of focus of the dog. This must be the reason that they are ranked 8 on the scale. Avoid animal toys if you have a truly destructive dog.

Engineer Cost Calculation Comparison


Average Cost

Estimated Longevity (Days)

Annual Cost

Pet Smart Plush Toy




Tuffy's Small-Med Toys




Tuffy's Large Toys





*Percent of time dog spent playing with Tuffy Toys: 65%, most frequent toy chosen*

Penny’s Feedback

  • This toy squeaks!!
  • I love playing tug of war and fetch!
  • Hmm…I can’t figure out how to get the white prize out…
  • Ha! Got some black string off! Finally!
  • Helps make my teeth feel better when they hurt
  • It’s so soft and squishy!
  • Master throws it down the stairs and I go get it and bring it back!
  • Wake up….get toy….bother master to play some more….

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