Review- West Paw Design Indestructible Zogoflex Dog Toys
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Review- West Paw Design Indestructible Zogoflex Dog Toys

Posted by Matthew Ruggiero on

Engineer Review- West Paw Bumi, Hurley, Jive, Toppl, Tux Chew Toys

Pros as a chew toy:

  • Very durable rubber construction
  • Great guarantee on product
  • Products have chew level ranking upon delivery
  • Eco-friendly, recycled product made in the USA
  • No harmful plastics used in manufacturing of toy
  • Dog enjoys fetch with Jive and Hurley
  • When Hurley thrown end over end, jumps around on the ground, exciting dog during fetch
  • Tux is an indestructible treat dispenser, safe for crate use
  • Bumi stretches and is dog’s favorite tug of war toy, also for fetch
  • All toys float in water
  • Appears soft on the dog’s gums during chewing
  • Interlocking Toppl large and small with treats inside makes a great puzzle for dog

Cons as a chew toy:

  • Jive Large ball is heavy, should have gotten small
  • Hard to keep treats in Tux. Need to freeze treats like peanut butter or chicken broth for proper challenge
  • Dog has problem holding on to Bumi during tug and it slips out a lot
  • No squeakers in any toys, limiting interest level some
  • Top of the small Toppl was chewed when dog was done with treats. Need better supervision during Toppl uses.

*Percent of time dog spent playing with West Paw Toys: 15%, chooses to chew on and loves fetch*

Penny’s Feedback

  • I love playing fetch outside with these bouncy toys!
  • I hunt the green one when it bounces around in the grass!
  • Wait…how do I….I smell a treat…but…I can’t figure this puzzle out! Oh there we go.
  • These toys feel great on my sore puppy teeth.
  • I haven’t even made a dent in these toys yet and I’ve chewed on them a lot!
  • These toys don’t squeak. Onto something else now.
  • Tug of war with master is so much fun with this stretchy one!
  • Master leaves this one in my den with me when he leaves and there is a frozen treat in there!


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