Review- Elk Antler Chews
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Review- Elk Antler Chews

Posted by Matthew Ruggiero on

Engineer Review- Elk and Deer Antler Products

ros of using antler chews:

  • Dog enjoys tough marrow in the middle of chew
  • Found in the USA from naturally shedding deer/elk
  • If you have a band saw you can cut chew in half for even more marrow exposure
  • Smoked variety even more enticing to dog
  • Dog eventually got sick of chew, but boiled it in low sodium broth for 5 minutes and dog enjoys again. Also a good trick for older dogs where marrow is too hard for them (softens it)
  • Rubbing peanut butter into cracks and marrow creates around 1.5hr of chewing for dog
  • Perfect to put in dog crate when leaving the house
  • Cleans teeth, safe for dog, no ingestible parts
  • No worry of chipping or splintering
  • No chemicals or other products added, all natural chew
  • Great for aggressive or destructive chewers.

Cons of using antler chews:

  • Costly product
  • Marrow hard and sharp, could be tough on gums
  • Once the antler gets worn down enough, can start breaking off pieces of the walls. These are sharp and may injure the dog.

*Percent of time dog spent chewing Antlerz: 75%, other chews “finish”, this one never does!*


Penny’s Feedback

  • I love chewing on this stick
  • The inside tastes so good!
  • I love when master puts peanut butter inside the middle, I can smell peanut butter for a long time after!
  • Bored….what to do….hmmm…..oh I’ll chew on that stick again!
  • Mmmm….tastes like chicken! See you when you return, master!

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