Training Your Puppy Not to Pull on the Leash
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Training Your Puppy Not to Pull on the Leash

Posted by Matthew Ruggiero on

Training Your Puppy Not to Pull on the Leash

Training a dog not to pull on the leash is one of the hardest things a dog owner will do. It seems to be natural dog instinct to pull on the leash. After training classes, website research, trial and error, we have a good solution for those willing to try it- the Gentle Leader. 

Tested by Penny

Our dog (and mascot for our store), Penny, is a Scotch Collie. For those of you that own/have owned a Collie of any type knows that THEY GET SO EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING! She jumps, pulls, cries, and pulls some more (no barking though, thank goodness) whenever people or other dogs come near her. We love how friendly she is, but walks in the park are just about the worst experience in the world. Lucky for everyone with the same problem- there is a solution! 

The Gentle Leader Solution

We bought the gentle leader, and oh my goodness what a difference. The gentle leader works in two ways, both based on natural dog interactions. When the dog pulls on the leash, the front loop pushes her nose down; simulating the alpha male (who you are suppose to be on walks- ha!) when they push the misbehaving dog's nose down. The back loop pulls up on the middle of the neck; simulating the mother correcting the puppy by pulling on its scruff. A natural, safe, effective way to tell the dog to behave and listen, and boy does it work.

Granted, we did go through a little "bucking bronco" period when we first put it on, but after that first few days she got used to it. She still scratches it time to time, but she can't be on a leash without it at this point. In fact, putting her back on one of our collars, as beautiful as they are, doesn't work. She instantly pulls whenever she is on a leash. We think she will need the gentle leader for months, maybe even years. 

You can find the gentle leaders at PetSmart for $25 and they have a ring in the front to clip our leashes onto. 

Next Test- The Freedom No Pull Harness

We are currently investigating the Freedom No Pull harness. We ordered a sample from our distributor last week and will be trying it over the next few weeks. It has gotten very high reviews, and we are hopeful.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions based on your own experiences! Or if you have questions/want tips for putting them on. Maybe I will do a follow up post if there is enough interest. And share with your friends that get pulled along during walks...

Enjoy your pull-free walks!

Matt and Penny



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