Pet Hair Overload- Three Steps to Deal with Your Dog’s Shedding!
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Pet Hair Overload- Three Steps to Deal with Your Dog’s Shedding!

Posted by Matthew Ruggiero on

 Pet Hair Overload- Three Steps to Deal with Your Dog’s Shedding!

Let’s face it- dogs shed. A lot. Some a lot more than others. Spring time is usually set aside for our annual cleaning of the house, and if you haven’t kept up with your animal’s shedding, you could have a lot of work to do. Luckily for you, Penny’s Choice has your back! In this article we will cover the best tool for brushing your dog (and how to do it if they hate it), which vacuum is the best option for your money, and how to remove hair on sitting surfaces.

Step 1- Brushing Your Dog

If this is your first time to our site, welcome! Penny is a Scotch Collie, and I would say she is a medium-shedder. Her hair is thick and wiry, and relatively short. She does not like being brushed all that much, she bites my hand and the brush. Therefore, we need a brush that will be as effective as possible in order to get all her loose hair off quickly.

We choose the Furminator short hair. Every stroke gets off a clump of hair, doesn't hurt the dog, and is easy to take the hair off the end of the brush. To keep your dog occupied and not biting you or the brush, load up a Toppl treat dispenser ($16 or $19 on our site) full of peanut butter. This should buy you around 10 minutes of brushing, and she won’t even notice the brush. You can tell when you’re finished by a brush stroke not leaving much hair on the comb, but depending on your dog or the hair length this could take 20 or 30 minutes! Once her loose hair is off (I usually brush her on the carpet), it’s time for step two- vacuuming!

Furminator Main Site

Step 2- Vacuuming the Dog Fur

The vacuum we use is the Shark Rocket Pro. It was a wedding gift from my parents, and I think it was around $200 at Kohl's. The suction is great and very tightly sealed, so vacuuming doesn’t release all kinds of pollen and garbage into the air. There is a great attachment for the stairs if you have carpeted stairs like us. Also, the vacuum tank is easy to dump out with a few clicks, and believe me it needs to be dumped often because of all the hair it picks up.

Granted, there are other vacuums out there that say “for pets” or “pet hair”, but this vacuum has great value for the money. You can also turn off the brushes to use the vacuum on hard wood floors without running the risk of scratching it! One thing it doesn’t do well- the couches! Therefore, onto the final step in fur elimination.


Step 3- Car, Couch and Chair Dog Fur Removal

People hate sitting somewhere and getting fur all over themselves. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to take care of your dog’s fur before someone sits on your couch or rides in your car. The best product for doing so- the 3M Scotch-Brite “Fur Fighter”. The tool is $7 at Walmart and comes with a few cleaning sheets. This is an absolute must have for any pet owners.

The sheets attach to the main black piece, you slide the tool over the couch, and the microfibers pick up TONS of hair. See the pictures below of our couch cleaning session. Keep in mind that we clean our couches weekly and it still picked all that up. 3M also makes one of the best lint brushes in the market to get the hair you missed! 


There you have it! Dog fur problem solved. As a thank you for reading this post, get 10% off orders over $30 on our site! Use NOFUR at checkout.

Share with your furry friends who have this problem, and I mean the human ones! To review:

Best Dog Brush- Furminator Brand

Best Vacuum- Shark Rocket Pro

Best Hair Remover- 3M Scotch-Brite Fur Fighter

Now if only Penny would stop peeing on the guest room carpet…

Thanks for reading!
Matt and Penny

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  • Thank you any and all tips help!! I’m overwhelmed with hair and won’t let people come to my newly purchased house until I get it under control. Lol

    cincee wittenbach on

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