My Dog is Chewing on Everything- 13 Tips for Destructive Puppies
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13 Products for Aggressive Chewers and Puppy Destruction

Posted by Matthew Ruggiero on

13 Products for Aggressive Chewers and Puppy Destruction

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If you're a new puppy or dog owner, I'm sure you're wondering, "How the heck do I stop this little monster from destroying my house???" Its bad enough that the dog is probably peeing and pooping everything, but that can be cleaned up. Your $550 Ipad cannot be un-chewed.

This article is about toys, chews, tricks, and clever ways to get your dog to chew on what YOU want, not what HE wants. I can't guarantee that every one of these things will work for you, but I've tried every single one and I can tell you, they are worth trying. 

Part I : Crate Training- The First Great Battle

The first step in accustoming your dog to living in your home is getting it crate trained. People that don't crate train their dogs and let them run around the house unsupervised are absolutely insane. In fact, if you're one of those people, that's probably why they're destroying your house. There are thousands of articles out there and they all say the same things- STAY STRONG WITH CRATE TRAINING. Don't give up!

Penny hated her crate for probably 3 months. But as long as you give her some kind of tough-to-get treat that takes her at least 15 minutes to get out, you're golden. Pretty soon she sees you filling up the treat dispenser and goes in herself! This is a glorious day indeed. Read our first list, the crate approved treats, toys, and tricks.

Here is our list of crate treats, chews, and tricks.

  1. red kong treat dispensing dog toyFill up a Kong with peanut butter- The oldest trick in the book, but for good reason. Easy to do, your dog is guaranteed to love it. Takes him around 20 minutes to finish, just long enough for you to leave the house with him freaking out and notice. Your hands might smell like peanut butter for a while, though..
  2. jones 4 inch jerky center bone chew toy for dogsGet your dog what we call a "jerky bone"- This chew is GREAT for your dog's teeth, gives them a little bit of healthy natural protein, and hours of enjoyment. Word of advice though, watch the marrow. If you are giving this to a puppy, be prepared for diarrhea; their stomachs can't handle the marrow, it's too rich. Luckily it can be pushed out from the middle. The other good thing about bones like these is they can be reused by filling them with peanut butter! We rotate old bones with the Kong to keep Penny guessing. 
  3. tux west paw design yellow treat dispensing chew toyUse a chew-able treat dispenser and freeze chicken broth- The reason I say "chew-able" is the duration of unsupervised chewing of crate training. The Tux is a great option because of its durability. Pour chicken broth in, freeze it overnight, and give to the puppy when they go into the crate. Long lasting and puppy approved! Just get the low sodium, or they will throw up!
  4. Feed your dog in the crate- Try this. Apparently it helps the dog associate the crate with food and delicious things, but it ended up just making a mess for us. We did better with the other three options. Some dogs just love food more than others!
  5. jones jerky dog treatsPut a treat in the dispenser- If you hate the smell of peanut butter on your hands or don't have time to freeze broth, try this out. We use treats that really jam themselves in there so the dog can't get them out easily, like the jerky sticks

Part II : The Bored Dog Destruction- Chews, Toys, and Tricks!

Now that your dog can be left alone in the house without worry of destruction, lets discuss the need for preventing puppy boredom. You can't entertain your dog every second of every day. They shouldn't be the center of everything you do. The dog needs to be able to entertain itself for awhile without you worrying about what they chose to do so (shoe, TV remote, cell phone, bed spread, coffee table, all bad choices!).

Therefore, here is our second list. Tough dog toys and durable treats are the secret. Give your dog something sturdy to chew on that can't be destroyed easily and that they enjoy, and relaxing around the house much more enjoyable! 

  1. braided jones 10 inch bully stick for aggressive chewersBully Sticks- Penny's favorite. They last a lot longer than you would think and the dogs seem to go crazy for them. Once the dog starts chewing they get stringy and help clean their teeth. Not as expensive as the antlers. 
  2. long lasting dog chew elk antler for aggressive chewersDeer/Elk Antlers- An absolutely fantastic option. Yes, they cost a bit of money, but the interior marrow takes the dog a long time to get through. We offer the solid antlers that can be sawed in half, so its like you're getting two for the price of one! Plus, when the dog gets tired of the antler just boil it in low sodium chicken broth, let it cool, and boom, the dog loves to chew on it again. 
  3. Pig Ears/Cow Hoofs- Not the longest lasting choices chew on the list, but you can buy them in packs so they are an affordable option.
  4. zogoflex toys for aggressive chewersZogoflex Tough Chew Toys-  I recommend the Jive, Hurley, and Tux for super heavy, aggressive chewers. They are super sturdy, eco-friendly, and bouncy! Penny loves all of these toys and chews on them for hours on end without them showing any ware yet. The Tizzi and Bumi are good for supervised play like tug of war and such. Either way, all great option for even the toughest chewers, but no squeaking toys, if your dog is into that. 
  5. Kong Wubba- A pretty tough toy with a well stitched mesh and the most annoying squeaker ever. This is Penny's favorite toy, and she will play fetch with it in the house for hours (or until I get sick of the squeaking). There seems to be a dual squeaker and she just loves it. She did get a few of the tails off within the first few minutes, so supervisor your chewers or you will be cutting the tails off with scissors. 
  6. nylabone long lasting chew toy for aggressive chewing puppiesNylabones- Durable and cheap, but Penny lost interest in them quickly. Some say that they are a certain flavor, but we haven't found one that works yet. Plus, the one she does has is starting to pit and come apart.
  7. churpi chew long lasting hard cheese treatHimalayan Churpi Chews- The ultra chew. They are made with cheese from the mountains and don't look like much, but they take dogs forever to chew! Safe and healthy, strong smelling (to dogs, not us), and vet recommended. If you haven't tried these yet, make sure you do!
  8. tuffy tough dog chew toy collectionUltra Tough Dog Toys from Tuffy's Toys- You're telling me this is a tough toy AND has a squeaker? Done. If you have a dog that tears out the stuffing of a toy in minutes, try these guys out. They are well made and have a "toughness rating". We just started offering them and are glad we did, Penny loves them! She carries around the bone instead of my slippers now!

We will add more as we find them. Thanks for reading! Like us on Facebook and share with your friends that have bad dogs! Make sure to use the coupon if you plan on buying any from us and trying these tricks out!

Just a warning, anything a dog puts in his mouth could cause harm, whether it be choking, chipping a tooth, infection, or stomach issues. Supervise your pet whenever possible. 

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  • Love all these! Great ideas! Glad you are able to try these first so I don’t waste any more money! LOL

    Samantha Pike on
  • Thanks! My puppy is sooo bad. I will try every one of them lol! Hopefully a few of these tricks help.

    Aimee on

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