The Ugly Christmas Sweater
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The Ugly Christmas Sweater

Posted by Matthew Ruggiero on

There once was a dog named Penny. She was new to St. Paul and didn't have many doggie friends. 

One day at the dog park in early December, Penny met a few other dogs. They played fetch, chased each other, played in the mud, and had a great day. After a few hours of playing, their owners began calling for them to leave. "I want to see these dogs again, they were fun!" thought Penny. Luckily for Penny, their owners were exchanged numbers. "Our dogs seem to get along great, lets hang out here again sometime!" 

Penny at the dog park

A weekend later, Penny found herself in the car on the way back to the dog park. When they arrived, she saw her two dog friends! They played again and had an even better time! They shared sticks, played with a Frisbee, and barked at some huge scary dogs. Another great day! "We had an even better time", Penny thought, "I hope I can play with these dogs again!"

Two days later was Christmas eve. Unbeknownst to Penny, her owner was invited to an ugly sweater Christmas party at her dog friend's owner's house. Seeing it only fitting to put Penny in a matching sweater, her owner bought a hideous blue sweater with a huge snowman on it. This sweater not only itched, but she wanted to bit it and tear it off. "I look so stupid" thought Penny. "I can't be seen out in public like this!"

But every time she tried to scratch it off with her back paw, her owner would stop her. She even tried sneakily rolling around on the grass to get it off, but her owner was on to her. "PENNY NO!" her owner shouted, and put her in the car to leave for the party. 

They soon pulled into the driveway of a new house that she had never seen before- but there playing on the grass in the snow with a big group of dogs were the two dog friends she had made! She began barking happily at the sight. She was so excited! 

Once her owner opened the car door, Penny jumped out of the car to go and play, totally forgetting that she was wearing her hideous sweater. All of a sudden, the dogs stopped playing to stare at this new dog in this hideous looking fur. "What the heck is wrong with your fur?" one of her dog friends asked. "That is the weirdest looking dog that I've ever seen!" barked a new dog playing in the yard. 

Penny stopped and looked around. Are they making fun of me? Oh no! Stupid master, putting me in this dumb itchy thing. Now my only dog friends think I did this to myself! I need to do something! 

Penny began running around the party to find where the humans were. She finally found them in a heated garage drinking some kind of liquid that smelled bad. As soon as the humans at the party saw her, they crowded around her and gave her tons of attention. "That is the cutest thing I've ever seen!" exclaimed one human. "Can I take a picture, oh my goodness- I need to send that to my sister, she would love that sweater!" another human said. 

All of this attention, petting, and hugs were not going unnoticed. The other dogs in the yard began coming over, but Penny got all of the attention. "We need this fur that Penny has!" barked her dog friend. "Look at all of the attention she's getting from the humans!"

Penny's owner looked around and saw that all of the dogs had stopped playing and had come over to the garage. They all sat in various begging positions, looking for attention. "Don't worry!" exclaimed Penny's owner, "I have more sweaters in the back of my car!"

And ho, a very merry Christmas began that eve. It was a scene of happiness- human drinking their smelly liquids, dogs playing in the yard happily wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters. Penny made lots of new dog friends that night, many of whom she still meets at the dog park on the weekend to play fetch, chase each other, and eat sticks. 

The end!

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