Dog Grooming Tips and Tricks
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Dog Grooming Tips and Tricks

Posted by Matthew Ruggiero on

Nobody likes visiting a house with a stinky dog. You know the one- he sits on the floor in front of you and it smells like a musty old sock. Being the nice friend that you are, you pet the stink monster anyway- and your hand smells for hours. 

Smelly Stinky Dog in Pool

Here are a few do's and don'ts for grooming your dog to help you on your way to a better smelling animal and house!

Make sure to always:

  • Bath your dog often if using the correct type of shampoo. All natural shampoos have much fewer chemicals and are safer for your animal. 
  • Massage your dog's coat while bathing. It not only feels good for your dog, but is a great chance to look for lumps or tender spots.
  • Remove any bathroom mats before the bath- they will get soaked! And you, the human, should probably not be wearing clothes you want to stay dry.
  • Always use a conditioner after bathing (or the 2-in-1 dog shampoo/conditioners work too)
  • Always check the water temperature (like you would for a baby) to make sure it is not too hot.
  • Talk to your dog if he's nervous. It's ok for them to be afraid, you just need to reassure them.
  • Use the correct shampoo for puppies- their skin is not ready for big dog shampoos yet.

Try not to:

  • Allow water to get in your dog's ear canal. Getting water out of their ear is a challenge.
  • Never leave your dog unattended in the bath.
  • Bath time usually isn't fun for your dog- so might as well get the nails done and teeth brushed to combine all of the "awfulness" in one sitting.
  • Don't forget to thoroughly rinse the shampoo products from your dog's coat. 
  • Don't ever brush a dry dog. The static generated alone is enough to leave your dog itchy, but hair comes off much easier when it is wet. If you don't have time to brush your dog right after a bath, use one of our dry shampoos. This will loosen the hair and allow for a great brushing. 

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  • Hey Matthew, these are some of the amazing tips which each and every owner of the dog should know because it is very important that we should groom our dog and that also on after some span of time. But, one should know appropriate steps of grooming so that they doesn’t get any harm .

    Great tips !!!!!

    Hans Aberg

    Hans Aberg on

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