Why Use All Natural Organic Shampoos Verses Regular Dog Shampoo
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Why Use All Natural Organic Shampoos Verses Regular Dog Shampoo

Posted by Matthew Ruggiero on

Why Should You Use Organic Shampoo & Conditioner For Your Dog?

It's the age old discussion- should I buy all natural shampoo for my dog? Or just pop open the bottles at Pet Smart and see which one smells the best? Standing in front of the dog shampoo isle leaves dog owners with a sense of confusion. There are so many choices and brands, and so little description, that is makes this process very difficult. A shampoo might say "for itchy skin", but they don't say why or which ingredient is helping with that. What if your dog was sprayed by a skunk? Is there a shampoo for that (yes in fact!)? What the heck is ylang ylang?

The Ylang Ylang flower, aka Cananga odorata, known as the cananga tree, is a tropical tree that originates in the Philippines. It is valued for the perfume extracted from its flower and has powerful odor removal properties.

We think buying shampoo is like selecting a bottle of wine. You stand in the "Italy" section looking for a nice bottle for your boss (Christmas is coming up, after all). Unfortunately, you have no clue what any of the cities are. Or is that the grape type they are using? Or is that some word in Italian that means "Berry"? Either way, you end up buying the one that looks the fanciest and cross your fingers that it's good. 

We understand your pain, dog owners! We were there too. When we got Penny as a puppy, we did the "cross your fingers" approach and got some random puppy shampoo. Penny didn't itch much, so that was good. Then Dexter, our rescue, had a few more skin problems. We just used the same shampoo and had much worse results. Upon going back to the store and going through the same confusion, we decided enough was enough. It was time to act! We wanted to start a store that spelled out each ingredient in each bottle of shampoo and what that ingredient is used for. No more guessing, no more worrying if the shampoo will work.

The Hazards of Using Regular Dog Shampoos

So back to the original question- what is the danger of using some $8 shampoo? Using chemically produced shampoos can harm your dog’s skin, plain and simple. It can leave your dog’s skin itchy and dry due to excess amounts of salts, leave a residue from the foaming agents, have trouble washing out completely, and more. But just like people shampoos, are all dogs going to need some fancy all natural shampoo? No. Some dogs are just fine with any old shampoo. Our rule of thumb, though: If you can’t pronounce the ingredient, then you probably shouldn’t be lathering your dog in it. The same holds true in my household for pet food and treat ingredients. Anything synthetic runs the risk of irritating your dog's skin, or can leave residue on your dog. We made an article of the "Top 5 Grooming Myths" and our favorite one is the "bathing is harmful" one. If you're using a great shampoo, then there won't be the dry skin, there wont be the itching, and there won't be the other problems!  

Dry Dog Shampoo

Our lineup of all natural shampoos in the Aroma Paws line. Simple bottle design, clearly displays the benefits of the shampoo and the active ingredients. 

Benefits Of Organic Shampoos

Organic shampoos have some really great ingredients. Kind of makes you feel like you're scouring the rain forest when you read a few of them. One we love is organic tea tree extracts. This ingredient alone provides a soothing, refreshing sensation to your dog. It will calm your pet and it will remain less aggressive. It can cure a variety of skin problems that are common with dogs as well. Tree tea extracts contain antiseptic elements that help in naturally cleansing the dog of parasites and microbial levels. As a result, the skin remains healthy and you can bath your dog a bit more often.

There are also several other ingredients that help you clean your dog without exposing them to a lot of harmful chemicals. Did you know lavender flower soothes your dog? Coconut oil can be a super moisturizer, mandarin oil gets rid of buildup in your dogs fur, the list goes on! There are also awesome ways to keep your dog clean in between baths. Everyone has had it happen- you give your dog a bath and then it rains the next day. What can you use to keep your dog from smelling like a sewer rat without going through the hour it takes to bath them? 

Other Ways to Clean Your Dog

You may have heard about dry shampoo for your dog. They are a great thing to have handy. But these products need to be examined even more closely than the regular shampoo does. Harmful ingredients in them might make your dog smell better, but you could be doing more harm than good. Luckily, we carry a few different brands of all natural dry dog shampoos as well! We also have some rub in conditioners- which ends up being like waxing your car. Leave in conditioners will fortify your dog's skin and leave it more resistant to dirt and grim (and sometimes odor). 


Organic, all natural shampoos are really the way to go. The chemically produced traditional shampoos are just going to harm the skin of your dog. Don't chince out on your shampoo because of cost- the bottles last for a long time. We think that if you're going through the trouble of giving your dog a bath, why not upgrade the shampoo and know exactly what you're getting? 

Thank you for reading our soap box article! We hope this article helped! 

Matt and Penny

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  • Great article! I like your writing style it’s funny :) maybe I’ll try a few of these and see! My dog has itchy skin especially during the winter.

    Sarah Lissande on

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