ConairPRO Dog Large Nail Grinding Wheel
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ConairPRO Dog Nail Grinder

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Try a nail grinder if you are notorious for making your dog's nails bleed. 

The ConairPRO Nail Grinder - Professional Nail Grinder For All Size Dogs. Quiet, Lightweight, Compact, And Powerful. Protective Adjustable Cover. Easily Interchangeable Stone/Sander Attachments. Take the stress out of cutting your dog's nails!

We also sell replacement grinding stones (photo #2)! 

Replacement Grinding stone comes with: 
1 piece #60 grinding stone
1 piece #100 grinding stone

Replacement Sanding Bands comes with:
#60 sander bands,
2 #100 sander bands
1 Drum

This product works for all nail sizes.

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