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Quality Dog Products!

Welcome to Penny's Choice! We want to offer a variety of items that have worked for us as dog owners. We have tested most of the products on our site with our own dogs and have tried to make detailed product descriptions so that you know what you're buying. We are proud to offer:

  • All natural, chemical free grooming products
  • Durable, reliable dog toys
  • American made leather products, collars, and leashes, sourced from anĀ amazing manufacturer in New York
  • Dog chews and treats sourced from USA businesses and their old school cattle farms
  • Fun clothes and jerseys for dogs of all sizes
  • Luxury, eco-friendly dog beds made from recycled plastic bottles

We are a small company out of St. Paul, Minnesota. The owners, Matt and Lisa Ruggiero, have two dogs named Penny and Dexter. Penny is a pure bread Scotch Collie and Dexter is a rescue from the Animal Humane Society. Thank you for visiting our website today!