Bixbi Daily Essentials Dog Treats
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Bixbi Daily Essentials Dog Treats

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Your dog is busy protecting the house from marauding squirrels. Help her save the day by powering her immune system with BIXBI Daily Essentials jerky treats! Our special blend of blueberries, cranberries and organic reishi mushrooms provides anti-oxidant rich whole foods that help keep your dog healthy. Daily Essentials also supplies protein-rich nutrition without the added junk commonly found in other treats!

BIXBI Daily Essentials Functional Dog Jerky Treats are specially formulated to give your dog essential nutrients in a delicious, healthy treat. 

BIXBI starts with only the finest USA sourced proteins, ensuring that your dog eats healthy, natural food. From there, their treats undergo an infusing process that allows them to combine the proven health properties of blueberries, cranberries, and reishi mushrooms without diminishing the taste. The reishi mushrooms are included for their therapeutic properties. The nutrient dense collection of beta-D-glucans, triterpenes, and polysaccharides ensures that your dog gets the nutrients he needs!

BIXBI Daily Essentials Functional Dog Jerky Treats

  • Fortified daily treats to support your dog's health
  • Made from only quality, USA sourced ingredients
  • Feature antioxidant rich blueberries and cranberries
  • Formulated with nutrient dense reishi mushrooms
  • Simultaneously healthy and irresistible

Sizes: 5oz, 15oz

Flavors: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Salmon

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