Beautiful Printed Dog Collar Collection
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Beautiful Printed Dog Collar Collection

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The Venice Collar- Inspired by the Italian Renaissance. The design is reminiscent of rich tapestries and intricate patterns fabricated in eternally complimentary hues. Choose from two patterns!

The Kensington Collar- Features richly woven paisley swirl against contrasting bright colors in this new pattern from Diva-Dog. Choose from aqua blue, bright pink or rich chocolate.

Maui Collar- You can practically smell the tropical flowers and sweet island breezes when you put this dog collar on your precious darling moon doggie! Delicate pink hibiscus flowers entwine with jungle leaves in this sun kissed design. Two Patterns available!

Football Collar- Even if your dog is more likely to catch a dropping nacho than a touchdown, this collar will make em' look like a superstar. The fun, football collar has chocolate brown footballs tumble across a field of deep navy blue.

Rescue Me Collar- Rescue dogs are near and dear to our hearts at Diva-Dog. And as a tribute to the rescues we have had the honor of including in our family.

London Collar- If your Pit has a bit of the Brit, then this shirt is for your Mod Rocker! London Calling collars and leashes take a Diva-Dog approach on the classic Union Jack.

Pink & Chocolate Collar- This dog collar collection is for the free spirited pooch with a streak of bohemian style. Diva Dog has taken bold pinks, lime, chocolate and turquoise colors and set them into an intricate paisley pattern.

H'Owl Collars- The H'Owl Collection is for whooooooo? You of course if you like colorful and whimsical owls nestled their perch of chocolate brown and forest green tree branches.


  • Teacup: 5/8 in. x 6-10 in. 
  • XS/S: 5/8 in. x 10-16 in. 
  • M/L: 1 in. x 16-24 in.