Whole Deer Antler Dog Chews
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Deer Antler Dog Chews

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Our all natural deer antler dog chews from all naturally shed deer in the mountains of Utah. Deer antlers are great for your dogs, and they last a long time! Definitely one of the healthiest treats out there because of their low fat, nutritional value, and chew longevity. 

Recommended for VERY strong chewers. The deer antlers are stronger and last longer than the less-dense elk antlers. 

More great benefits of our deer antlers: 

  • 100% All Natural Dog Chew Treat
  • They don't split or splinter like most bone-type chews
  • No Odor, No Grease, No Mess
  • Long-Lasting, Non-Fat Healthy Treat
  • Won't Stain Carpet or Clothes
  • No processing, chemicals, or dies

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large.

Size Guidence:
- Clearance is long and skinny, forked, or smaller in length than the smalls. Great for treats and smaller dogs.
- Small is narrow, 3"-5" or so, most of them come to a point.
- Medium is usually wide diameter, not very long 4"-6"
- Large will be both long 7"-12" and a large diameter. Some come to a point or have a few points.

Recommended Chewing Strength: Strong Chewer, Destructive Chewer

We give you the biggest, best antler in the size group that you choose, first come first serve! 

Please supervise your pet during the use of this product. Could cause injury if swallowed or improperly chewed.

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